Three easy ways YOU can help bring pumpkins to Downtown Keene!

1. Make a Gift: In the past two years, people just like you have contributed to the festival because they love it and want to see the rekindling continue. Together, these contributions have combined to raise well over $5,000 to underwrite Keene Pumpkin Festival. Without these funds, the candles could not have been lit! Please consider a gift—in honor of a friend, a birthday, an anniversary… just because—and make sure Keene’s fantastic festival shines on! Thank you for your help.


Sponsors and Corporations!

Sponsorship Agreement 2019 We have streamlined the sponsorship agreement for your convenience, Community sponsors, welcome back! We are so grateful.


Huge thank you to The Stage for lighting up our fundraising with a leadership gift. If you are looking for a wonderful lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, The Stage never disappoints. The Stage Restaurant & Café, 30 Central Square, Keene, 603-357-8389

The founder of the festival, Nancy Sporborg, literally wrote the book on Keene Pumpkin Festival’s 25 years. She is pictured above in her office holding her book high, pledging ALL proceeds to the Keene Pumpkin Festival.2. Buy the book for $35 and the entire purchase price goes straight to the 2019 festival! Author Nancy Sporborg is still donating ALL proceeds to bring pumpkins to Downtown Keene! If you live locally, you can purchase the book at Toadstool Bookshop. Otherwise, BUY BOOK NOW (This link takes you to Nancy Sporborg’s book page where you can buy the book and see her other book.)

3. Join the Pumpkin Honor Roll with a $100 gift!
Demonstrate your undying love of Keene Pumpkin Festival and for a limited time receive a signed copy of the book FREE! Your name will be included in the Pumpkin Festival Honor Roll prominently displayed on 


The 2019 Keene Pumpkin Festival harkens back to 1993 when 4,817 pumpkins filled downtown and a second world record was set for the most twinkling jack-o’-lanterns in one place at one time. Central Square will look like it did for decades—full of school children’s pumpkins. (This photo was taken by Mickey Pullen in 2010)

Let it Shine, Inc. Non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization # 27-4941779 Official Address: Let it Shine, Inc., c/o STERLING, 214 Washington Street, Keene, NH 03431 Email 

Let it Shine, Inc., Board of Directors 2019: Nancy Hickox, Ruth Sterling, Timothy Zinn, Jennifer Course, Shaundi Rider. Honorary Board Members: Harry Boynton, Nancy Sporborg. Directors Emeritus: Harry Boynton, John Hayes, Lisa Edwards, Mike Haines

Incorporators Nancy Sporborg, Daniel V. Scully, Timothy Garland