About Let it Shine, Inc.

Since just after the 2010 event, Keene Pumpkin Festival has been presented by the non-profit organization Let it Shine, Inc. From the Pumpkin Wars HGTV show, to winning the World Record back, to the trouble that led to the move to Laconia, to the rekindling in Keene, the nonprofit has been committed to letting it shine.

When Let it Shine was founded, the State of NH Attorney General’s office wouldn’t permit the first several names submitted for the nonprofit organization. Our anthem, “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine,” was chosen for promotional purposes because it fit the notion of a small city becoming center stage to the world for a day. (Center Stage was the name of the long-time event organizers.) In frustration, attorney John Hayes applied for the name Let it Shine, and the organization and its name have endured.

More History

Let it Shine, Inc. Non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization # 27-4941779

Let it Shine, Inc., Board of Directors 2019. Tim Zinn, Nancy Hickox, Shaundi Brown, Jenn Course, Ruth Sterling.

Harry Boynton, Nancy Sporborg, Honorary Directors.

Lisa Edwards, Mike Haines, John Hayes, Directors Emeritus

Incorporators Nancy Sporborg, Daniel V. Scully, Timothy Garland


Photographs and Memories

2018 Festival Photos: Shaundi Brown Photography on Facebook or Join Keene Pumpkin Fest on Facebook

Relive the magic: Photographs of 2017’s beautiful festival by Shaundi Brown

Superb photos from 2012, high res downloads free with photo credit to Mickey Pullen

Jeffrey Newcomer: 2012 festival and favorites from other years


Here’s a TREAT! Let it Shine!
Unforgettable images of Pumpkin Fest plus our original Let it Shine anthem features memorable comments from the original Facebook page that started the spark that saved Keene Pumpkin Festival after 2010.