School registrations for pumpkins

Keene Pumpkin Festival in the HeART of Downtown Keene, NH
Sunday, October 27, 2019 from 1-7pm

All schools in the greater Keene area are invited to participate!

SAU 29: Keene*, Westmoreland, Chesterfield, Marlborough, Harrisville, Nelson, Marlow

*Fuller, Franklin, Symonds, Wheelock, Surry Charter, Waldorf, St. Joe’s, Trinity and Keene Middle School

SAU 93: Swanzey, Gilsum, Troy

Individual carvers may also sign up to participate. 

Keene Pumpkin Festival in the HeART of downtown Keene, NH, is a wonderful opportunity for children to create and share their art with their community. It is a chance for kids to shine. And with the potential for 5,000 individual creations, it is a huge visual art exhibit! When the jack-o’-lanterns are lit, the glow of thousands of twinkling orange faces is magical. Kids’ smiles, their joy, their sense of wonder as they explore the festival is what inspires the Board of Let it Shine.

pf2010_1030899(2)How will the pumpkins be carved?
During the school week of October 21-25, schools who register will receive free pumpkins for students to carve. Schools and PTAs will develop their own carving programs.

How Much: Free for children, families, and everyone thanks to the generosity of sponsors, donors and volunteers.

How will each school’s jack-o’-lanterns be transported downtown on Sunday?
Let it Shine will work with your school to be sure your pumpkins are delivered to Central Square on Sunday morning.

Should each jack-o’-lantern have a candle?
Yes, every pumpkin will be lit with a candle. If you can provide your own candle, three-hour votive candles are ideal. Thank you! Otherwise, Let it Shine will provide candles to be sure each jack-o’-lantern shines bright.

What happens to the pumpkins after the festival?
Carvers are encouraged to take their masterpieces home after Pumpkin Festival. Halloween is only four days after the fest so your jack-o’-lantern could be part of the Halloween fun. Every pumpkin that goes home with its carver to shine another day is one less for the cleanup crew. Let it Shine invites farmers who could use the pumpkins for livestock feed to please contact us if you are interested.

What other activities are planned? Check our Entertainment and Activities Page and join the fun!