You can NOW save a spot for YOUR pumpkin on Central Square even if you are not in SAU29

  1. Your kids are not in SAU29 and you REALLY want them to experience the Keene Pumpkin Festival
  2. You have loved the festival forever and insist you be allowed to bring your pumpkin

Whether you are in group 1 or 2, we have a way for you to participate. Thank goodness!

Everyone knows by now that the 2017 Keene Pumpkin Festival is a miracle that could only be possible if it were smaller and very carefully managed. Setting a limited number of jack-o’-lanterns, a shorter time frame, a Sunday instead of Saturday—all are measures aimed at rekindling the festival that many thought had moved out of Downtown forever.

BUT we have some exciting news. Working the math and the map, we know in advance that we will have space for 500+ pumpkins in addition to the SAU 29 children’s pumpkins.

Are you disappointed that you couldn’t bring your pumpkin Downtown in 2017? Do you live outside of SAU 29 and want your children to see their jack-o’-lanterns on Central Square? We have official permission to allow 500 extra pumpkins but only BY REGISTRATION. Please note that you will need to provide pumpkins for this, we cannot supply free ones for you this year. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and understanding.

Yes! I want to sign up for a spot on Central Square. Register NOW. First come/first served.