Be Part of the Future of Keene Pumpkin Festival!

 NOV3WeAllShineOnEvent Announcement: Be Part of the Future of Keene Pumpkin Festival!

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 10:30-11:30am at the United Church of Christ at the head of the square in Downtown Keene

Pumpkin Festival Organizers Let it Shine, Inc., invite members of the community to join Let it Shine and be part of the future of Keene Pumpkin Festival in Downtown Keene. Looking for people who would like to sign up to help take the event into 2019 and beyond, all members of the public are welcome, including individuals, clubs and organizations.

In this fast-paced, one-hour get-together, you can learn about the different teams involved with producing the festival (Finance, Fundraising, Logistics, Event Production, Activities & Entertainment, Schools, Communications, City/Protocol, Volunteer Recruitment) and consider getting involved.

This important session is being while the event is fresh in everyone’s mind.

Tim Zinn, Board Chair, Let it Shine comments, “We need to share the responsibilities of the festival with new people, broaden the support for the event and tap into the talent in our region. Let it Shine has brought Keene Pumpkin Festival through some very exciting times and expect the next few years will be cooperative and productive in rekindling the fest. It’s the right time to get many more people involved. Plus, it’s an amazing opportunity to put smiles on kids’ faces, carry on an amazing tradition and have a fantastic experience!

A message from the Let it Shine Board of Directors:

We are excited about letting the region know that their help is needed and wanted.

We chose the Church for this meeting because it neighbors the festival and is welcoming to all.

We are making this announcement ahead of the festival so people can come and check out the event, including programming, before participating in the session.

If you love the Keene Pumpkin Festival and want to see its rekindling continue, please consider jumping in. The festival has always relied on the energy, talent and enthusiasm of passionate people!

Thank you for believing in the magic of Keene Pumpkin Festival!

If you are interested in pitching in but can’t attend the November 3 event, please register as a volunteer so we can reach out to you. Thank you!


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